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Our Mission

To move people to strive for God-consciousness, liberty, and justice, and to convey Islam with utmost clarity.


MAS Tarbiyah is tasked with the responsibility of developing MAS members, empowering them with the necessary skills to carry out their work, and giving them the tools and knowledge to help those around them to develop and grow. The program reaches hundreds through its unique weekly development study circles. Circles of 5-8 members, usually with a mentor, form close intimate groups to develop their Islamic knowledge, strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, and give back to their communities through a variety of activities. Group members develop a sense of belonging and accountability to each other and follow up with one another on assignments that are related to their personal development.


MAS Youth aims to inspire the Youth to understand, apply, and advocate divinely ordained values, principles, and solutions in the service of the common good. MAS Youth focuses on a critical segment of our community, young people ages 15-30, and engages them in educational, spiritual, recreational, and social programs. Youth programs are designed and run by the youth, with the guidance of mentors who share their experiences and provide valuable feedback. This creates a great environment for innovation and creativity that is embodied in a range of activities from community service projects to sports tournaments to inspirational lecture series. 


MAS PACE purpose is to conduct public relations, educate and mobilize the American Muslim community to participate in public affairs and civic activities on a non-partisan basis, and to energize a new generation of community activists. Through its organizational activities, contributes to the promotion of peace and social justice. It seeks to activate a new generation of community activists and an involved citizenry which will contribute to the advancement of society, both in the United States and the world, as impacted by our nation and guided by Islamic values and beliefs.

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